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Plea for tips/tricks/ideas/suggestions/do's/don't's/anything/everything/etc./and so on/and such...

Please comment on this entry with ALL of the tips you discovered during your 2005 NaNoWriMo journey. Anything and everything is welcome, even if you think it will only work for year. Next year, we'll be able to look back and this and try to utilize the collective's gained knowledge.


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#1) Chocolate-covered expresso beans. They really do give you a kick in the pants!

#2) Get ahead the first week.
#3) Do some planning. I decided to wing it and terribly regret it.
#4) Write a dedication.
#5) Write an author's biography.
#6) Write a "coming next" section.
#7) Put an "ad" for NaNoWriMo at the end of your book, explaining why you wrote the book and urging others to join.
#8) A picture is worth a thousand words. Use this to your advantage. :)
#9) Carry pen and paper with you every where. You'll get inspiration from the most random things.

I'm sure I'll think of more later...

1. Try to stay ahead.
2. Plan ahead as much as you can, because otherwise you'll get stuck a lot.
3. Try to jot thoughts down as they come to you.
4. Don't procrastinate.

ill add more later
Don't do a winter sport with afternoon practice if you want to write a lot (unless you really really want to write).

That's what killed me on this.

Deleted comment

Realise that you dont have to care if the sentances flow, because no one will read it, and thus it doesnt really have to have any flow at all.
1) Don't try to write in front of the TV.
2) Don't force yourself to write every scene.
3) Underestimate your plot and add some scenes you didn't think of in the planning.
4) When the going gets tough, kill off a character.
Loving the icon. :)

Thanks for the tips!



January 9 2006, 04:15:53 UTC 12 years ago

1. Get ahead the first week.
2. Forget about staying ahead after the first week.
3. FORCE YOURSELF. Seriously, this helps like whoa. Keeping making yourself feel guilty with thoughts like, "If I don't finish this this year, I'm going to be depressed for one whole year. Do I really want to be depressed for one whole year? I think not."
4. Don't cancel events with your friends. You need those, and you don't want them to think you're abandoning them.
5. PLAN NOTHING for the 30th. Seriously, you're going to need those extra writing hours.
6. Embellish, embellish, embellish. AKA, details, details, details. It is perfectly fine to write 300 words about what your character is wearing, was wearing, will be wearing, and should be wearing.
7. When stuck, describe people. Talking about someone's hobbies, ambitions, jobs, and school subjects can take up MANY a thousand word. =D
8. It's not illegal to have your characters read something very long and wordy [out loud]. And no, it is not plagiarism! =)
9. Brag, brag, BRAG. Your friends will all think you're NUTS, but how many of THEM have written a novel in a month? Check that one off your list.
10. Two words, one name: Britney Spears. "Baby One More Time" lets your thoughts just FLOWWWWW. ;-)
11. Always remember that yes, you are insane to be doing this. Then get back to that computer. Being insane is a virtue. =)

12. Isn't it fun to accomplish something absolutely crazy that you never thought you could accomplish? I swear, achieving NaNoWriMo did WORLDS to my self-esteem. I now refer to myself as Ragini Venkatasubban, NNWM, Ph.D., DDR. It works. =)

Way to procrastinate! But, we appreciate your suggestions nonetheless.