Drew (drewhilfiger) wrote in ehnanowrimo2005,


With three hours and seven minutes to spare, I finished with 50,015 words. Yes, that's pretty low but my story ended at about 30,000 words so 20k words of bull-shit should impress you.

Congratulations to those of you who won! Please, comment here and brag (because you've certainly earned the right to) or make your own post! And post segments of your novel. Hell, put the whole thing on here if you want. I doubt anyone will read but if you want to, go for it. Don't forget your writing log, etc. etc.

Are you ready for next year? I am.

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GO DREW!!!! and congrats to anyone else who is done and reads this.



December 2 2005, 02:17:54 UTC 12 years ago

::brag:: ::brag:: ::brag::

That was wayyyy exhilarating. I spent the 30th frantically inserting everything I could think of into my novel. My main character spent about 5,000 words describing, in detail, each of his 16 girlfriends. The one named Oprah Michael Dion was my favorite. =)

YAY! Congrats to Drew, Jamie, and everrrrrryone else who finished! I got over with about 53,000 words. Of course, the 6,000ish words I got when one of my characters recited the Prologue from the Canterbury Tales might have helped. ;-)

Sooooooooooo ready for next year. NaNoWriMo kicks ass.

congrats! that's amazing.